Paddle and Overnight Camp Combo

2-4 Hours

Paddle and Overnight Camp Combo

You will be dropped off via helicopter at a remote location near the confluence of three different glacial rivers. Here at the base of the mountains you will be provided all of the necessary gear to complete your Class 1 float adventure in your very own inflatable raft.


This float trip will take you down a remote river between three different glaciers in the South Central Alaska region, here you will experience a calm float, search for wildlife and take in the mountainous views of Alaska. Continue on your journey to the confluence of the infamous Lake George at the base of the Colony glacier. At this location your guides will set up a camp for you to enjoy while you paddle in the lake around breathtaking icebergs in your personal raft.


Have dinner and enjoy the peace and quiet in a location that not many travelers to Alaska will ever see, stroll along the bank of the lake or trek your way over for views of the Knik Glacier, the adventure is yours. Enjoy breakfast and coffee along the shores of the lake while you await your helicopter pick up the next day.

Starting at $549 per person

(2 Person Minimum)