Paddle Boarding on a Glacial Lake & Glacier Trekking

2-4 Hours

Glacier Paddle Boarding

This natural phenomenon is nothing short of amazing to see and become a part of. A crystal blue lake that forms on top of the ice sheet becomes your playground for the day. Choose between 2 or 4 hours of adventure with your own paddle board and a private location on the Knik Glacier, taking in all the beauty you could possibly imagine.


You will receive a full kit supplied to you consisting of a drysuit to keep you dry and warm, personal flotation device, paddle board, paddle as well as micro-spikes for walking on the glacier. First your guides will have you practice paddle boarding down a flowing glacier creek to get in touch with your balance on the board; once you feel comfortable, we will trek to the glacier lake using a fixed rope system to the swimming hole. You and your guide will participate in a few jumps into the glacial lake to make you feel as comfortable as possible with getting in and out of the water. This will help to understand the drysuit / PFD system in the event you lose your balance on the paddle board in the lake, you will feel prepared to get back on. Once you feel ready to take on your paddle, we will connect you to your leash and send you off into the lake for a serene paddle out and back to the end of the lake.


Choose to have a catered sit down lunch while you are there or just snack and swim at your leisure, this is your day, your adventure!

Starting at $549 per person

(2 Person Minimum)